7 Stages Of Grieving The End Of A Relationship, According to Relationship Coach

In her book On Death and Dying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross identified and described several stages of emotions among people who are facing death. These terms can be used to describe people’s reactions to other major losses, such as the end of a relationship.

Before going to suggested what can be done at such grief stage, I would like to emphasize that we are not talking here about a fixed sequence of events. Since grief is not one-dimensional: you’re likely to experience a jumble of intense emotions with chaotic twists and turns.

This piece is for those who want suggestions on how to move forward fully:

Shock or Disbelief – It’s natural to wrestle with events we don’t understand, and try to wrap your head around it all. Give yourself permission to run through the history of the relationship, to try and figure out where things went south. Desperately wanting to figure things out is part of grieving, but don’t get stuck here. Talking with a trusted friend might even help shed some light.

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