7 Stages Of Grieving The End Of A Relationship, According to Relationship Coach

The sad moments of the end of a relationship may not necessarily be long term. It may well be possible as the start of new discovery of what kinds of potential lovers to look for or even take up your lost hobby that seems impossible due to dating. There may also be scenario where you find yourself back into the warm embrace of your ex.

For relationship that does not goes well due to some major issues such as your partner is not committed to the relationship or cheating is found, then you may want to consider putting an end to the relationship. Usually, such issues will make the situation turn ugly and it is advisable for both of you or even just you to put a stop to the relationship. You would need to think about a suitable time to end the relationship. Would it be ideal to close it when your partner is also unhappy about the connection? Could it be much better to wait until your living is stabilized first for letting the young children finish their elementary first? Or is it much better to just battle it out now and make up your mind to break up.

Keep in mind when your relationship is ended poorly, the feelings of anger and annoyance can be carried into the future relationship which is not something that you may want to. If you two make a decision to end the relationship, try to do it in a calm surroundings with a clear mind.

The followings areĀ 7 stages of grieving the end of a relationship you should know in order that you can handle the sad moment. Let’s check them out!

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