7 Smart Tricks of Women’s Manipulation That Men Have Not Yet Deciphered

A manipulating person tries to behave artistically or unfairly with someone to favor the interests of themselves or of another person and it is said that it is an art that women know how to use well. Men, to a certain extent, enjoy these tricks, although they do not consider them as such. For them, it’s about women with charisma; they love the mystery and do not even try to discover what it is all about. That is why men should try not to fall into the hands of a manipulative woman because if they do, only God knows what will happen. Do not miss 7 ways that women use to manipulate men…

1. Excessive

We all love compliments, right? Well, the same goes for men. But what do you think about it? They usually have a big ego and women know well how to feed it through flattery. It is not uncommon, there are couples who are complimented all the time. However, you may notice that the praises sound excessive, even with great emotion. Depending on the man, the compliments will be one way or another; some can be fixed in appearance, others in their minds and several in the successful lifestyle. It is not surprising that most of them know which ones to use to make men “take revenge”.

2. Fake crying

No matter how strong a man is, they do not know how to handle a crying girl, especially if it’s the girl they like. And while a man may panic depending on the situation, some women smile inside because they know they have already earned it. This is one of the oldest tricks that exist: you cry and your momentary desires are fulfilled, as happens when children do with their parents. In many situations, what can we do to prevent a child from crying? We give you the candy. Well, it’s the same with men, they give in to pressure. And it works almost all the time!

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