7 Smart Strategies to Reduce Risk of Accelerated Aging in Men

There are emotional and spiritual benefits to aging for men.

If a man possesses an inner-commitment to personal growth, then growing older will often only increasehis happiness and sense of purpose.

Accelerated aging, however, is when inefficiency of the body’s processes occurs at an unnecessarily high speed.

Here are seven smart strategies than can help a man to lengthen his health span and lifespan – and reducethe risk of growing older faster than he needs to.

1. Find a Doctor that Has a Preventative Mindset

A medical office today will draw blood – for the standard panel tests during a patient’s yearly physical – and the doctor will then say, “When the labs come back, I’ll call you if there’s a problem; otherwise, just assume that everything’s okay.”

It’s as if they’re saying, “Unless you have a disease or abnormal lab results, we don’t need to spend any more time together.”

Medical doctors are often doing the best they can in a system that has become bureaucratic and challenging.

  • But what if a patient sees the doctor in order to become even healthier?
  • Does this even fit into the “I’ll call you if there’s a problem” paradigm?

What adds to the peculiarity of this dynamic is that “abnormal” is open to interpretation.

Often the normal range that is listed on the lab results is based on the average modern citizen.

If you happen to live in America right now, what is considered normal health – and I don’t enjoy saying this – is pretty bleak.

In that context, to be within “normal” ranges is not necessarily so great.

In the above video, Dr. Myles Spar from the Tack 180 Program tells about what those ranges listed on the lab results really mean. I invite you to watch this video (running time: about 4 minutes); the information will prove valuable to you as you move forward into improved self-care.

Perhaps more than just any one particular lifestyle habit, healthy living is really a holistic mindset in which the overall attitude is to honor one’s body and psyche by living within a full circle of wellness.

The underlying assumption is that there is always more to learn and that the mind needs to be open to new solutions.

What if the best year of your life hasn’t happened yet?

My message is simple: it’s only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone – therefore, the best investment you can ever make is in your own health.

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Though many people don’t like to visualize themselves aging, those over the age of 50 who are brave enough to consciously imagine their lives decades into the future – and adopt new habits now – are often the ones who end up living the most passionate, fulfilling lives as they get older.

You can utilize new awareness into creating a life map – a map that will help you to navigate this next phase of your life, so that your journey is joyful, and rich with meaning and purpose.

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