6 Ways A Relationship Can Completely Change Who You Are For The Better, According to Study

1. You discover yourself on a deeper level.

Relationships can help you know yourself at a more profound level. Sharing, sympathy, compassion, understanding, support and love all get a whole new meaning when felt for and reciprocated by a partner.

You may have lots of awesome friends and a close relationship with your family, but none of these are quite like the relationship with your partner. It’s a particular bond that makes you feel special and brings along unique feelings while unveiling new facets of your personality.

Getting to know yourself better through a relationship with another person is a bit ironic. Trying to understand them, in many cases, will lead to a better understanding of yourself while facing new circumstances and rapports will open up new visions and horizons you haven’t noticed before.

Though not all partners you choose to be with will help you surface the best version of yourself, they will help you discover and explore your emotional potential, strength and personal skills. Not all feelings will be positive and happy, however. Negative emotions and experiences will also lead to self-discovery and self-growth.

In the end, you cannot treasure happiness if you haven’t experienced sorrow, just as you cannot find meaning in a relationship if you haven’t tried a few.

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