6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

6. Mice With Human Brains

This one is stunning because it’s the only instance I’ve seen where the inclusion of human DNA into an animal resulted in a marked change in that animal.

Okay, so here’s what was done. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin destroyed part of the brains of a bunch of mice and then injected cells from a human embryo where the destroyed part was. The human cells thrived and the mice were able to navigate mazes again. But it gets more interesting.

At the same time, at the University of Rochester, scientists injected new born mice with “nascent human glial cells” (the cells that support neuron function in the brain) and found that the human glial cells totally replaced the mice glial cells. Even more amazing, this resulted in a smarter mouse.

So, there you have it. You can make mice smarter by adding human brain cells. In all honesty, I sort of wish they’d gone with human neuron cells just to see how smart it would be.

And that human curiosity is why we’ll eventually be awash in animal men ala Dr. Moreau’s Island. By the way, I left off the cow/human embryo that scientists created.

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