6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

5. Goat Spiders

You may have heard that spider silk is the strongest substance in nature. Well, if you haven’t, it is. In fact, it’s five times stronger than steel of the same diameterand lighter. While, we’ve been able to forcibly extract spider silk from spiders for a while, it’s difficult to mass produce the stuff which is why University of Wyoming professors decided to make goats that can also spin webs, sort of.

What they did was incorporate the gene that produces a spider’s silk producing ability into a goat’s mammaries. This created goats that secrete the spider silk protein in their milk which scientists are then able to separate out. They’re able to literally milk spider silk from goats because of this genetic engineering.

And lest you think this happened recently, it didn’t. It happened five years ago.

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