6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

4. Pigs With Human Blood

Poor pigs, they are the walking labs of the science world. In 2004, Mayo Clinic scientists here in the U.S. injected pig fetuses with human DNA. What resulted was amazing. The human DNA intertwined with the pig DNA resulting in pigs with both human DNA and cells which contained both human and swine DNA all living together like a happy little family.

But, check this out, the timing of when the DNA is injected was of paramount importance here. Scientists have to wait until the pig fetus’s “body plan” has fully developed but before the immune system has. This makes sure the pig looks like a pig instead of a hybrid pig/human monstrosity and also ensures that the pig’s immune system doesn’t reject the human cells but instead develops with them.

Exactly how many pig humans did scientists have to go through before they go this timing right? Hopefully none.

These particular pig fetuses were carried to term, born, and lived just fine.

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