6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

3. Rabbit Human?

Ladies, you may feel you’ve already met one of these (harharhar) but you’re mistaken. As in example number one, there is no freakshow Mabbit that exists out in the world that you can go gawk and tremble at in existential despair. What does exist though is nearly as interesting and less, well, horrifying.

In 2003, Chinese scientists (who will do anything, it seems) fused human cells with rabbit eggs creating an embryo aka the thing that eventually turns into a fetus and then a baby. The embryo was allowed to develop, growing and dividing, creating more cells as embryos do and then their stem cells were extracted and the embryos were destroyed. So, they didn’t allow the embryo to develop until the end but this is an amazing feat. Frankly, the only thing preventing them from allowing it fully develop was the need for the stem cells and, maybe, ethics.

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