6 Shocking Feats Of Human Genetic Engineering That Have Already Happened

2. Human Organs Growing in Pigs

Last year, Japanese scientist Hiro Nakauchi announced his intentions to do exactly what the header states, grow human organs in pigs. Why would he wantto do such a thing? Well to transplant them into humans which would, of course, kill the pig in the process. Additionally, the plan isn’t just to grow “human organs” but to grow organs specifically tailored to your DNA meaning the transplant process would be medically seamless with far less chance of your frail, organ seeking body rejecting it.

How long will this take to develop? Nakauchi says five years, maybe a bit more, which means this could start going into practice soon thereafter. Presumably this would create and insane kind of dystopian surgical unit/slaughterhouse hybrid facility where pigs had their human organs removed and were then butchered for meat and fed to the public, a kind of half Soylent Green sort of situation.

Given the cost of human organs on the black market (over $250,000 for a kidney) this stands to be a highly lucrative business.

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