5 Relationship Lessons I’ve Learned While Watching Couples At IKEA

3. Compromise is key.

He wants the Billy bookcase, she wants the Expedit. They go back and forth over the pros and cons of each. Things get heated, a few swear words are thrown in. They eventually decide on a Billy for the bedroom and Expedit for the living room, and walk away hand in hand.

4. Have a sense of imagination.

Older man: “Dahling, vould you pleeze pass the brrrushetta”

[His wife, looking at dishware, looks at him strangely. Then she smiles, picks up a plate, and hands it to him.]

Older woman:”Why of ze course my lovah”

Older man: “Oooh la-la ze madame has good taste”

5. Be generous.

A young couple enters the restaurant obviously distraught from disagreements in the showroom. They slam their treys down and start plucking dishes from the displays. When they get to the hot bar, both order meatballs. Then they look at the copious amount of food on their treys. “Great, now we’ll be out even more money,” the boy says. They shuffle to the cash register, and upon seeing $14 ring up for the multitude of dishes, they look at each other and smile. “I got this,” says the girl. “No, I got this,” says the boy. They play-fight over who pays before filling their cups with lingonberry juice and sitting side-by-side at a window table, his hand on her lap.

–Written by Melanie Travis

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