5 Relationship Lessons I’ve Learned While Watching Couples At IKEA

What is it about relationship ‘experts’ that makes their advice so useful? They almost always have suggestions that are common sense, but their clever and clear use of words makes their lessons stand out and become memorable.

However, getting relationship lessons is not always from experts, but we can also take it around us as what I’ve observed and learned the way humans act in relationships, its best bet would be to park its fluffy green tush on a Karlstad display sofa at Ikea. There’s no place like the Swedish furniture superstore for a showcase of couples of all ages.….

1. Choose your battles.

Girl: “So you really don’t want the red shower curtain?”

Boy: [exasperated] “If you want it, we can get it. It’s fine. I’ll forgo my manhood with that shower curtain, it’s not a battle I want to have.”

Girl:”Well it’s not a battle worth having for me either!”

Boy: “We’re getting it.” [throws shower curtain in cart].

2. Little kisses go a long way.

A couple rolling a cart full of items stop, look at each other, and peck on the lips. This causes a backup in the aisle, where other couples’ faces turn from frustration to admiration and reach over to their SO for a little kiss as well.

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