4 Workout Time Wasters, What to Do Instead To Get the Fastest, Safest, Most Significant Results


If you’re a busy adult looking for a maximal return of fat loss, weight loss, strength and overall performance with a minimal time investment, here are some simple exercise switches you can make to pump up your exercise portfolio and get awesome results.

Poor Investment: “Crunching” Exercises

Despite “feeling the burn,” crunching exercises do very little in terms of burning calories and fat. While they can improve the strength and muscle tone of the rectus abdominis (the main “6-pack” muscle), crunching exercises do very little to shrink the layer of fat that sits over it. To see the abdominal muscles, specific dietary and other resistance/cardiovascular exercise interventions must be strictly followed to significantly shrink this layer of fat.

Additionally, the crunching motion replicates the “hunched” position of sitting that has been found to be the culprit of many adults’ lower-back pain.

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