4 Surprising Benefits of Talking to Yourself in Nature

2. Combating Loneliness

Perhaps it boils down to the dichotomy of introvert vs extrovert because for some, being alone can either be a way to refuel their batteries while for others it feels more like a prison sentence. For me, I often find myself skirting the line…sometimes falling on one side of the fence more than the other. However, while hiking through the United States’ most spectacular landscapes, it was easy to feel a sense of rejuvenation simply from walking alone by myself without the company of conversation. That being said, even the most hardened recluse can sometimes feel the cold clutches of loneliness start to squeeze a little harder. For me, inadvertently joining into conversations with myself often helped me think more clearly about the environment I was walking through. Just like singing out loud, at first it felt weird, but eventually I started to enjoy the company of my own thoughts. All of a sudden I had someone with whom I could share the experiences. Whether it was that I was getting to know myself better (which I will discuss next) or there just being comfort in hearing a human voice – giving voice to my thoughts proved to be an effective way of eliminating loneliness.

3. Acquainting Myself with…Myself

As I was saying about how articulating my thoughts helped me get to know myself better…its true. Speaking out loud helped to bring my subconscious up to the surface. In fact it gave more depth to my thoughts and helped me learn more about myself – for better or for worse. My otherwise silent thoughts, feelings, and emotions had a greater chance of being recognized by my consciousness when I spoke them out loud. It wasn’t all about hippie emotional feelings neither. Sometimes it was becoming aware of some bad ass instinctual human capabilities and the human resolve to…not die. A lot of what I discovered about myself was by accident. I mean thats the way its supposed to happen. Its not like you wake up in the morning and decide, “Today I’m going to find out more about myself.” No, of course not.

Though having developed a comfort with talking out loud made it easier for me to recognize when those breakthrough “aha” moments were present. Furthermore, much of what I uncovered still remains very private and doesn’t need to be shared with anyone but myself…and especially not over the interwebs. And there in lies another great aspect of talking/thinking to yourself while you’re out alone…those thoughts and conversations can stay between you and….you! No judgement zone, folks! And don’t think that I was always walking through enchanted forests as glimpses of personal enlightenment were being released through my mind. No. Often times these revelations were so minuscule and unimportant – like how it turns out I don’t like the healthier kind of peanut butter and would still much rather eat JIF. While other times, there were the occasional moments where I felt I had actually unlocked the secrets to the universe; such as… (Ha! Not so fast. You don’t think I’m just gonna spill the beans like that, do ya?. Nope. You gotta go out and figure those secrets out on your own.)

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