4 Red Flags In Your Partner’s Past Relationships That Could Spell Trouble For Your New Relationship

2. If they’ve had a ton of past relationships.

“If a partner has [had] a lot of past relationships, I would wonder if they fall fast and fall out just as quickly,” Richardson says. “It could indicate that they have a tendency to see what they want to see in the early stages of a relationship, and cut and run as soon as they realize their idealized traits don’t exist in the other person.”

If your new beau has a long list of ex lovers, à la Taylor Swift, it probably means they either don’t know what they want or expect nothing less than perfection from their partners. Be sure to talk about where those flings went wrong, and what they’re looking for in their next S.O., before diving head first into what could be a short-lived (and possibly tumultuous) relationship.

3. Or if they’ve never been involved with anybody — ever.

“When someone has never had a relationship and they are over the age of 25, I wonder if it is because they are painfully shy or if they have a fear of being to close to other people,” says Richardson.

There are a lot of reasons why someone may not have had a relationship — maybe they’d moved around a ton, had been heavily focused on their education, etc. But, as Richardson said, if someone’s inexplicably never been romantically involved with another person, it suggests that they might be reserved or nervous to get close to others.

It’s not necessarily a bad sign if your new person has never had a capital-O Official relationship before. But if they’ve never had a situationship, a fling, or a six-month “what are we?” thing going on, that’s a red flag.

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