4 Red Flags In Your Partner’s Past Relationships That Could Spell Trouble For Your New Relationship

1. They speak disparagingly about their exes.

“I think the most important thing to look out for is the way your partner talks about their ex,” explains Richardson. “While we all have a relationship in our past that we are really glad we are out of, it is important to notice to listen to our partner being disrespectful or derogatory towards their former partners.”

The way a person speaks about others (particularly when those “others” aren’t around) is always a much clearer indication of their character than anyone else’s. If your potential partner has nothing but rude or insulting comments to make about their exes — and places all of the blame in their failed relationships on past partners — it shows that they likely lack respect as well as self-awareness.

TBH, I think we’ve all got at least one ex who left us with nothing but bad memories and a broken heart (I know I’ve got one!), but be careful not to vilify that person when explaining the situation to future partners.

That said, don’t worry too much if your partner’s not super open their past relationships, especially in the early days of your courtship.

“Some people are very wary about talking about past relationships with their current partners,” Richardson notes. “I don’t see that as a big red flag.”

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