4 Most Effective Ways to Reduce Belly Fat Fast At Home (No Gym Needed)

Beer belly, pooch, gut, love handles – however you would wish to refer to it, this cushy region between your lower half and your pecks may be the nightmare for anyone on a weight loss program. The common instructions on how to reduce belly fat may sound simple to implement (and they are), but with the current lifestyle full of daily hustle and bustle, it may be more challenging to get rid of unwanted kilos. While it may be very challenging and rather farfetched for some, targeting the entire body fat is our best chance of busting that uncomfortable belly. This post highlights how you can reduce that belly fat through simple exercises without the need for visiting a gym.

Basic information about belly fat

Belly fat is comprised of two different types. First, there is the more stubborn and pinchable stuff which is referred to as the subcutaneous fat. This fat layer lies just below your skin, and it is known to usually stand in the way of those six packs. However, it doesn’t pose any significant threat to your health like the second category of belly fat.

The next category of belly fat is the visceral fat. It is firmer and is known to surround the internal body organs. Notably, this kind of fat usually secretes several inflammatory compounds that may expose you to a greater risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Since this fat is metabolically active, it is usually the first fat to be lost when you begin exercising. While you may also lose the subcutaneous fat eventually through exercise, the process may take long.

The secret to getting rid of belly fat is in fact not a secret at all. The process basically narrows down to a balanced, clean eating, a regular and restorative sleep, and consistent workout sessions.

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