25 Micro Lies Even The Happiest Couples Tell Each Other Sometimes

1. When you’re running late so the only reasonable answer to “Do I look okay?” is a resounding “YES!” even if that’s not at all the case because otherwise you’ll never get out the door on time.

2. When your significant other asks for your opinion on something and it’s past the point of no return—an email or a text that’s already been sent, for instance—so you reassure them that it was exactly what they should’ve said.

3. When your boyfriend or girlfriend goes out of their way to buy you a little gift and it’s not at all something you want or need (in fact, you consider it a total waste of money), but you act delighted because you know it’s not something that can be returned (like a trinket from a business trip to a faraway place, or a cupcake from the bakery across town).

4. Whey they cook you dinner and they’re obviously pleased with the way it turned out so you tell them, gleefully, that the meal is delicious and you clear your plate just to corroborate that (totally false) claim.

5. When they’re sick and they ask if they look terrible and you tell them it’s not THAT bad but it definitely is.

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