23 Women Share The Small Gesture That Means So Much In Their Relationship

Something subtle happens once you’ve been with someone for six months. Instead of the fanfare, the fireworks, the romantic nights out for two — you start to settle into your couple routine. Though likely not as glamorous or Instagram-worthy, when you’re in a long-term relationship that will make the distance, it’s not the big, giant gestures that make your relationship work. Instead, it’s the everyday acts of kindness your partner does that might seem insignificant at the time, actually bond you closer and seal your loyalty to one another. Not to mention — keep you coming back for more lovin’, too.

If you’re in a healthy long-term relationship or you’re dating your way around your town to find someone special, these silly, little gestures remind us that sometimes it’s not quite the big stuff that matters when you’re choosing a partner, but rather, the tiny, thoughtful, sometimes-silly, actions that add up and make for the kind of soulmate you always wished for. Who knows, maybe one day — very soon — you’ll be thankful for these little things, too.

Here are the little things, from getting gum at midnight to saying “thank you”, that can mean so much in relationships, according to 23 women:

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