20 Smart Ways To Extend The 3-Month-Probation Period In A Relationship

Don’t let the relationship fizzle out after the initial excitement has faded. Keep the spark alive.

The first moment you met your current boo was chemical magic. The first week together, he was honestly all that you could think about. And then, and then, he started showing signs that made you start to worry about your relationship and where it was heading. You started feeling like you were no longer sure if he was still interested in you. He started sending those signals, or you thought that maybe, he might have, that time, been hinting towards the fact that he’s been having second thoughts.

Usually, after the first three months, the puppy love cloud begins to dissipate and the first feelings of annoyance, frustration, or disagreement begin to creep in. These feeling could occur on both sides, just on his side, or maybe only on your side. Fortunately enough, there are clean and clear methods that exist in order to keep the relationship as exciting as that first week, without losing your confidence, or his interest. Keep reading below to get some ideas as to how you can hold on to those first feelings and keep your relationship alive long past the usual three month probabtion period.

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