20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

8. Doing Things He Likes

This is the other side of the coin. Just like your guy doesn’t have to do everything you enjoy, you don’t have to do everything he’s interested in. It’s more about finding the right balance between being a part of your guy’s interests and letting him indulge in it uninhibited.

This Reddit guy, user jason1009 and his wife seemed to have worked out a decent arrangement.

He usually likes to go scuba diving by himself, but his wife accompanies him on his excursions sometimes. Similarly, she loves Broadway shows and would watch several over a few days, and he’d drop by one of them on the odd occasion.

Their interests don’t align at all, and they do enjoy these separately most of the time. But still, there’s an underlying appreciation and encouragement of each other’s passions.

That’s definitely the way to go.

7. Being The Man Around The House

Keeping with the topic of shedding stereotypes, let’s go over to the man of the house capable of fixing things, mostly items that are broken. The faucet’s leaking? Fixed it. A hole in the ceiling? Patched it up. Loose wiring? Wrapped that up, too. Well, some guys don’t know what to do with a wrench and a toolbox and they’d certainly prefer their female counterparts do the dirty work.

This girl on Reddit, user ChannyJ11 who was taught her way around vehicles and the house by her dad was confused because her girlfriends made her believe that guys found a working girl to be unattractive. Lo and behold, many men responded to her thread with words of praise and encouragement.

To her surprise, most responded by saying they found it attractive and quite a turn on, including this guy, user Shattershift with no handyman skills. The progressive man without any gender hang-ups is more likely to embrace a woman like this rather than reject her. So a little bit of elbow grease won’t hurt anyone.

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