20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

10. Texting All Day Long

Couples set up different patterns of communicating to make sure they know how they’re doing throughout the day. What’s made this increasingly easier these days is, of course, texting. Texting becomes crucial in some relationship contexts more than others. The prime example is a long-distance relationship where the partners have no way of being in touch by phone or in-person frequently. In this case, texting is a life saver.

But in others, it certainly isn’t. A Psychology Today article pointed out studies showing women who text more linked to being happier. The same was not true of men who texted more, however. They happened to become less happy as they texted more, and this unhappiness rubs off on their partners. If this is the case with your guy, it may be time to take it slow on mobile devices.

Guys don’t necessarily want to be texting all day long over details. It might be perfect for some, but not for others.

This Reddit guy, perfectly laid out the situation, pointing out that the number of texts a girl receives and her man’s interest in her isn’t directly proportional.

He could be driving, or busy with work, so don’t panic. After all, it’s the in-person conversations that matter most. A lot can go wrong with a text, especially with a misplaced comma or period.

9. Doing Things She Likes

We’re always told about the benefits of sharing at least one of your partner’s hobbies, and it’s understandable why. You get to see your partner engaging in an activity he or she is most passionate about, and that can lead to a strong level of attraction. It also acts as a great conversation starter and something that can break down barriers between the two of you.

That being said, it’s not a great idea to have your guy be a part of doing everything you like. The two of you don’t need to like everything, and that extends to hobbies and passions. On a How To Get The Guy article, the writer makes an important distinction by pointing out that a difference doesn’t equate to a clash.

It’s more about your partner understanding the values of your interest or hobby. Your guy might not like dancing at nightclubs, but as long as he understands how it makes you feel and its value of enjoyment, that’s all that matters. The writer also proposes a 20% method, where your partner doesn’t have to go all the way with your interest but should indulge in it every once in a while. So your man could go dancing with you once a month rather than every weekend. This guy on Reddit user confusing_times_ta seemed to agree.

“I think it’s important to still have activities and interests that you do on your own while you’re in a relationship. As long as we’re supportive of each other’s “separate interests” that’s all that matters.”

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