20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

18. Moving In Only After Getting Engaged Or Married

Like we mentioned earlier, ask your parents for relationship advice, and you’ll get one answer. Ask your grandparents (for whatever reason), and you’ll get another. One topic where the current generation is going to deviate from those before them is on the subject of moving in. When is it the right time to move in with your significant other? Is it before marriage or engagement? Or is it after that? We can bet that most of our parents would say after marriage, but more men and women nowadays would say otherwise for a wide variety of reasons, chief among them is seeing how compatible their lifestyles are.

Studies are all over the place about what’s best for couples, and if moving in before marriage is better rather than after. Most of the initial studies suggested a higher risk of divorce for couples that cohabited before marriage, especially if they did so unintentionally without a goal of getting married. But recent studies pointed out it’s men and women who marry young who have a higher rate of divorce, not those who were living together before marriage.

Either way, these Reddit user rice_bledsoe guys put the argument to rest more deftly, with one guy Rokprorok who moved in with his girlfriend putting a sweet touch on the whole situation.

Best part is definitely the fact that when I think to myself: I wish I could see her. I then roll over.”

Nicely put, sir.

17. Receiving The Silent Treatment

Did you forget to do the dishes? Or perhaps it was the laundry? If you did, chances are that your partner may lose it for a while before giving you a healthy dose of silent treatment for the rest of the day.

In some instances, silent treatment might be necessary. Rather than losing it over something and yelling out things you’d later regret, it might be better to shut off for a bit and cool down. However, a Lifehack article breaks down how harmful silent treatment can be, classifying it as a form of emotional abuse that damages the relationship and the person on the receiving end. When a guy receives the silent treatment, a bunch of questions raises through his mind. What did I do? What did I say? How did I hurt you? What can I do to fix it? Guys would most likely look inward at themselves and assume something’s wrong with them. This creates a rift in the relationship, when the easiest solution to prevent this would be to have an honest heart-to-heart and talk things through.

These Reddit men, user Titchlet who’ve had their fair share of silent treatment simply had enough as well, andKill_Welly simply put it down as hanging around eight-year-olds.

Next time you feel the urge to punish your guy with some silence, maybe a conversation might be a better idea. Unless of course, he keeps making the same mistakes.

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