20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

20. Making The First Move

Before we dive into relationships, there’s a hurdle people must go through, the first movie. Well, it goes without saying that more often than not, men make the first move. It’s been the case for centuries, and even thousands of years. But there are countless instances where men wouldn’t want to make the first move. They might think it’s not the right time, that someone’s out of their league, and of course, that big one about being rejected.

There’s an easy solution for all this, and that’s having more women make the first move. The Huffington Post reported on a survey finding that less than one in ten women make the first move.

This was in contrast with the fact that the majority of men would prefer women initiate things, whether that’s asking people out in real life or through dating apps like Tinder.

The point is that men are up for it more than you think, and it could save everyone a lot of time wasted thinking about “what if” scenarios when you could have had the answer right away. This entire Reddit user punintentional_ thread talks about men who’d appreciate it happening more often, with one guy putting it concisely.

“Honestly, it needs to happen more often.”

Get to it, ladies.

19. Paying The Bill

With the first move out of the way, it comes down to the first date or first couple of dates. Usually, or 99.9% of the time, it’s fairly standard for the guy to pay the bill on the first couple of outings. If you’re the woman who asked the guy out after reading the previous entry, well, sorry to say it but it might be you.

According to this AskMen article, women themselves are split about the best way to go about it. One take was “You ask them out, you pay out.” Another suggested going 50/50 and then there was the old-school approach, where the man foots the bill and acts chivalrously.

Men are no better at solving this rubric’s cube. These Redditors, user VintageTryst went back and forth about who should pay and came to somewhat of a loose consensus. It seemed like most of them sided on paying outright for the first date before splitting the bill later on with the second or third dates.

However, there was one Reddit user droneStrikeYourMom who insisted his date split the bill, to make sure she’s not taking advantage of him. Leaving him aside, most guys will probably pay for the first date before things become equal on subsequent dates. After all, you probably know you’re having a good time by then.

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