20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

2. Initiating The Plans

We’re all familiar with that one meme from The Notebook, where Ryan Gosling yells at Rachel McAdams, asking her what she wants to eat. This point is somewhat similar to the one on making the first move. Guys sometimes feel like they should initiate most plans, especially early on in a relationship. Since they made the first move and asked you out, there’s a feeling that they should take the lead.

This guy on Reddit seemed to have the worst of it, with almost all his dates and girlfriends fitting this pattern. He had to choose everything from conversation topics to where they ate (might be an exaggeration but who knows).

There’s an underlying feeling that someone sets the pace for the relationship, and if a guy initiates most things early on, the girl probably becomes more of a responder. The easy solution is for these guys to step up and just communicate their issues and leadership fatigue, but sometimes it feels better to have someone reciprocate on their own accord, rather than having to spell it out.

For starters, have a definitive answer the next time your man asks you where you’d want to eat.

1. Discussing Intimate Details With Friends

Sure, we all talk to our friends and spill secrets, but there’s a common feeling that women share a lot more stuff, and sometimes even when it comes to private details about their men. Just ask this guy on Reddit, user Jaesuschroist. He was dating someone and soon found some of his secrets popping up in his social circles, and before long he was teased and mocked.

He could take the banter but was always conscious about whatever he told his girlfriend. The guy’s trust was breached and his relationship was robbed of its privacy. Some things are meant to be kept between couples, not broadcasted to the world in the hopes of telling a juicy story. It’s a betrayal.

On another Reddit forum, user irishtexmex pointed out why these situations keep happening. Guys might kiss and tell whereas girls might kiss and tell everything.

Well, it might be time to tighten those lips a little.

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