20 Outdated Relationship Standards That Men Are So Over, According to Modern Women

4. Not Checking Other People Out

If you’re in a relationship with a guy and you catch him looking at another woman as she passes by, the chances are that it might upset you. That’s understandable, after all, he’s with you so he should have no reason to look at any other woman, right? Not quite.

A Bustle article looked at this wandering eye phenomenon and found it to be common on both sides. Both men and women are guilty of this, and it’s primarily a subconscious act of people sizing each other up and scoping attraction. So your guy isn’t going to leave you then and there to go after another woman. If he’s happy with you, he might look at an attractive woman and find her less attractive than a single guy.

This man on Reddit, user AdamJohansen pointed out that he has a wandering eye where he looks at both men and women in public, but it doesn’t mean that he’s always checking people out. He’s just curious. Another friendly Reddit Current_Posteruser stated the obvious.

“I can tell you I’m married, and neither my wife or I ever agreed to never find anyone else attractive. We just swore never to do anything about it.”

So rest easy, everyone.

3. Not Spending On His Toys

As a relationship becomes more serious, a couple’s finances become more of a joint conversation topic, especially after moving in or getting married. It’s not just yourself that you have to be worried about, it’s your partner as well.

Things can be tight financially, and it probably means letting go of some things you want to purchase. But there are items both you and your man would spend on that the other might not see as being valuable. He probably wants a games console and you would rather have some new clothes or shoes (yes, these are stereotypes). A Business Insider article cites studies showing women being smarter than men when it comes to finances, regarding investing, saving, and spending. This somewhat justifies your decisions to halt your boyfriend’s spending decisions on a latest gadget or toy.

But there might be times where you need to let him have that one thing. Being careful with finances will allow both of you to budget for his and hers expenses, things you’d want to spend on for fun and leisure. After all, relationships need to be equal. One Redditor, user Turtlez_Rawck jokingly pointed out a double standard to prove this:

“I have to buy a $5,000 rock for her, but my $400 game system is “not useful and too expensive.”

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