18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

Body language


“There are times I read her right. There are times I read her wrong. Overall, I’m usually right.”

Nothing speaks louder to men than the body language of their woman. Although every woman is a bit different, most women share similar poses for happiness, sadness, anger, and stress. From there, the variations increase, but are generally along the same ideas. Men learn the body language of their women and commit them to memory to best reciprocate or respond when they see it. From my findings, most men are always checking in to make sure they are reading correctly. Not only do they have to read the body language, but they check in verbally for confirmation, before trying to administer any responses of their own. As most people know, body language can communicate a great deal without words. In the same way, body language can be completely mute or confusing. It takes someone very caring to read body language and respond appropriately.

Need vs. Want


“My girl always wants a lot of stuff, but I get her what she needs.”

We’re always talking on and on about what we want, what we wish we had, and what we hope to one day be successful enough to own in our own right. Men listen and understand that these are the fantasies we’re talking about, letting things cloud our better judgement and see only what we want to see. And they amuse us by getting us trinkets, bobs of gifts, flowers, but when it comes down to it, they watch what we spend money on and when we ask for their opinion, they are careful in the delivering of their answer. They understand that money is precious and should be used for the important stuff, so they look for ways to make sure we’re not just wasting it away on something frivolous. Instead, they try to help us save money so that when it comes time to buying something we need, we have it. Sometimes, without realizing what we need, they get it for us out of the kindness of their heart, because they care that much. Isn’t that sweet?

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