18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

What perks you up


“When she is happy, I am miles in the air.”

Men love it when their woman is happy! Everyone wants to be happy! When a man first meets a woman, if there is mutual chemistry, both parties are happy! If both are happy, then both will smile! This is of the most beautiful things in the world! Whatever it is, men always notice when their woman is happy. I once knew a guy who never touched plants. He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to touch “naturally germ-infested lifeforms”. And then he met an artist who presses and dries plants in their art. To this day, he has a backyard full of various plants, all of which he plucks for her to use for her art. THAT is love! To face their fears, challenges, and other obstacles head on, for the sake of being together, men will do very interesting things for their woman. They see the small details and they feel as if they are privy to the information, which makes it all the more special and cherished.

Body changes

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“I can always tell when she’s stressed…”

This might seem a bit superficial, but hear me out. Men notice changes in their woman more than women usually do in themselves. It’s a funny thought, but men see their woman differently. They observe more, remember and memorize features others would simply overlook. I remember once when my man pointed out to me a sun spot I never knew I had on my left arm. It had developed over time, but I hadn’t noticed until he pointed it out to me. Imagine my surprise! But he noticed from the moment it appeared. And, when he did, he’d started insisting on driving so that my left arm could spend more time out of the sun. I thought it was sweet and quite chivalrous at the time, and looking back, I realized that he was trying to keep me from growing more for my health. It’s a silly thing, but it shows how much he cares. Men will engrave their woman in their minds and notice the slightest changes. It could be a small change or a big change, the important part is, they notice and try to help regardless, which is quite sweet.

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