18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

Your “quirks”


“I like it when she’s different… and proud of it.”

When given options in life, there’s usually an obvious choice and a road less traveled. Most of the time, most people choose the obvious choice. Every now and then, someone will take the road less traveled. Even more rare are those who choose to blaze their own path and make their own choice or road. It’s that quirkiness, that little extra bit of personality, that men love and adore in their women. It’s hard to say what it is in each woman, but it is different in every woman. Some women have a snarkier sense of humor that some men find irresistible. All women range in levels of organized, but some women live in organized chaos. And some men love that. Most women have quirks that keep them with the rest of the group, whereas; some women have quirks that set them aside from the rest. What’s important is for every woman to be themselves and live life the way they want to, or see best. If a man happens to like it, more power to them!

Musical preferences

The Odyssey Online

“Listening to her sing off key makes the song even better.”

Most people are consistently listening to music, whether it be from their radios, phones, players, and etc. Almost every establishment plays music, and it’s mostly because it creates a more relaxed atmosphere that more people can enjoy. Men notice what type of music their women likes. It’s not a big secret that music can tell a lot about our personalities and preferences. But when a woman feels comfortable enough to sing along, men notice this. Sometimes, men will purposefully play more music their woman likes, just to hear her sing or see her nod along to the beat. It’s a small sign of consideration that can progress a relationship faster or slow things down. Similar tastes in music can bring a couple closer together, knowing they have more things in common. Different tastes in music can also bring a couple closer together, because one will want to share with the other, hoping to convert them as well. This type of behavior, in general, increases the connection and betters the chemistry between two people.

What troubles you


“She doesn’t like cats. I don’t ask why. We don’t watch The Lion King either.”

Perhaps, the most common response I got was that men know when their woman is upset or troubled. Some men claim the air around their woman is just different from usual, which helps him figure out what to do next. Some men say that their woman just gives off the feeling, which often will change their plans and force the man to act like a wide receiver; waiting to catch the ball. All in all, an attentive man will notice when their woman is troubled, in any degree, and try to help solve the issue or problem, in the hopes that their woman will feel better. Whether it be cramps or a problem in life, men want to be there for their woman. If the man feels like their woman is mad at them, that changes things and the man will, usually, change into pacifying-mode, with flowers, kisses, and maybe candy. Men might miss the big things, but they are attentive to the moods of women. The waters are tough without navigation!

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