18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

Clean nails or nail polish


“I ask her to paint her nails. And she did it for me.”

Somehow, this is one idea that men find proof that women listen to them. I’m not sure when it started that guys want proof that women listen, but it has taken into effect in various ways, shapes, and form. One, of which, comes in the form of nail polish. Whether it’s to show off a woman’s femininity, nails, or taste in colors, the fact remains that, if your man asks you to do something and you do it, you earn gold stars. If you don’t do it, it’s considered a small slight to their masculinity, how you view them, and what he won’t hope for from you in the future. It’s always cute when a guy requests something of their girls. Appearance-wise, it’s a bit daring but if you can pull it off, do it with flare and show him that you do listen, you do care, and that you do know how to strut your stuff even if not by choice.

Activities you enjoy more than others

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“Her personality comes out when we go surfing.”

Some guys enjoy challenging their dates to see how far they will go for them. It’s a strange concept and, yes, I find it a bit unnerving to know that guys pay attention to how you take the athletics in their relationship, but they want to see what you will do and how far out of your comfort-zone you’re willing to go for them. They will suggest hiking and take you on a wilderness trail or they will suggest going to the beach and bring surf boards or rent kayaks. The fact of the matter is, he wants to know your physical capabilities so he can observe, make notes, and suggest things that you will enjoy more. Not all dates are about the movies, dinners, and long walks. Why not jump on bikes and ride around the city together, enjoying the sunlight and breeze, maybe even racing a little to show off your competitive edge? While having fun and laughing, he’s watching and taking mental notes, thinking of more fun ways to enjoy time together.

Your smile


“I just want to make her smile. She has an unforgettable smile.”

Most men, when asked about the most memorable thing about first meeting their girlfriends, will say it was their smile. That one small attribute on everyone’s face captures hearts, makes new friends, and can render the right partner to a puddle of goop when used correctly. Smiles are a friendly and flirty way to greet someone new or old. The best way to show happiness and excitement is through a smile. Even a half-hearted smile can make some knees weak. So brush your teeth, floss, and add some gloss to your lips! As the welcome mat to any conversation or the greeting banner before anyone tries to get closer, it’s the smile men like to see. It’s the smile men want to work for. It’s that smile that men take the first step and initiate contact, hoping the woman behind the smile is as brilliant and sweet as the smile is. Some men are disappointed to find vacant black holes, but most men are rewarded with twinkling eyes, sparkling conversation, and a charming personality.

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