18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

Whether she eats a lot of meat or not

In most cases, women prefer to eat salad on a date. They admit that, on the one hand, they’re scared to give the impression of someone greedy and someone who eats a lot. On the other hand, they try to show that they’re fit and healthy.

In reality, this behavior has the opposite effect. Women who eat salads look shy, self-conscious, and as a result, less attractive in comparison with a woman who orders a steak and looks confident and relaxed. Besides, in this situation, men feel more comfortable because they’re on a date with a person, not a rabbit.

Of course this doesn’t mean that women should eat only greasy dishes just to impress men. They just have to remember that they can order whatever they want, not to hesitate if they want to have chicken or fish instead of salad, and just be relaxed.

How much MAKEUP you wear


“I like it when she wears makeup. Drives me nuts!”

I’m not sure when it happened, but a lot of men equate women wearing makeup as them putting in effort to look good for their date. So, when a girl is dressed down, makeup free, and in sweats, males feel a bit put off, as if they’re not worth the up-do. I blame films and television shows for this because, when a girl is getting ready for a date, she always takes a shower, moisturizes, does her hair, and applies makeup. IT doesn’t matter what channel or genre of film, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon show the same ideas that is aired on HBO and Showtime. Women in entertainment are always shown on the red carpet fully made up in stunning gowns. When they are caught in public without makeup and in sweats, they are practically unrecognizable. So, somehow, men have gotten it into their minds that, if they are worth the hassle and trouble, hours of effort, their woman will do it for them. As if it directly reflects how much their woman cares for and treasures them.

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