18 Things That Men Secretly Pay Attention to in Women But You Do Not Realize it

Drinks that she prefers


White wine and seafood, gin and tonic with friends, red wine when stressed. Preferences in drinks, as well as in food and clothes, can tell a lot about a person.

Some men pay attention to this so that they will know what to order next and some men do it to find out the current mood of their loved one. Men also notice whether women drink because they enjoy the taste from time to time or whether they’re addicted to it.

Clothes she wears to impress

Yes, men pay attention to clothes. They don’t care about brands, the newest collection, or price tags. But they will always pay attention to a sense of elegance, style, and sexuality.

It’s also possible to figure out a woman’s attitude toward a particular guy based on how she’s dressed: if she goes on a date in a gorgeous dress and with her hair done perfectly, she’s probably very interested in the guy, but if she doesn’t care and comes in her everyday outfit, it’s probably a bad sign.

It’s also important how confident she is. If she looks great but feels shy and trembles like a leaf, it won’t make a good impression. But if she is relaxed, doesn’t try to impress anyone, and just enjoys herself and the atmosphere, this can improve her image.

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