17 Real Guys Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Spoil Their Ladies

2. Love It!


Oh! Who is he and where can we find him? There’s a lot to be said about a man who is willing to take care of his woman like this. Notice how he says he’s the one pinning her hair up, which is such a tiny detail to most but makes the experience all the more intimate for her. He rests her in his lap and massages her weary shoulders, helping her to relax. Of course, the bonus points don’t hurt but let’s be honest – no man is ever going to go that far just for a few bonus points! He’s doing it because he loves her and he wants her to be able to relax after a hard day’s work. Not only is his love for her obvious, but the way he shows it is enough to put any man’s game to shame.

1. Hilarious AND Thoughtful? The Best!


One of the most important aspects of any relationship is taking time apart. While it’s always a joy to spend time with your significant other, it’s important to keep your friends in mind too. Taking a boy’s night or a girl’s night every now and then is healthy for a couple because even at the best of times, it’s good to recharge and maintain friendships. This girl knows what’s up because she meets with her girls at least once a month to catch up on news, have a good time, and just relax together. Her man knows what’s up too because he’s willing to make their night extra special with a little somethin’ somethin’ every now and then! Who wouldn’t love to be surprised with a handsome dancer, chocolate covered strawberries, or a few glasses of champagne! This guy goes above and beyond by spoiling his girl AND her friends!

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