17 Real Guys Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Spoil Their Ladies

5. What Girl Wouldn’t Love It?


This guy knows what’s up! Around the holidays, people are stressing like crazy! There’s a huge shopping list, sales to pay attention to, planning, cooking, finances to consider, travel expenses, regular responsibilities and a ton of other things racing through our minds every holiday season, so this man’s recognition that his lady needs a little something to calm down is a blessing for her. She might be stressing while brushing her teeth, only to open the medicine cabinet to find a tiny box of her favorite candies or maybe a gift card to a massage parlor. He may appreciate the praise she gives him when she’s with her friends, but he’s also doing it to help remind her that she needs to relax and that it’s okay to spend a little time for herself every holiday season.

4. We’d Love It Too!


Nothing says “I love you” quite as much as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It’s one of the most classic ways to show someone how much you care because flowers don’t last forever, meaning you have to buy more again and again over the years, always renewing that beautiful vow of love. This guy likes to take things just a little further by getting the florist to include a ribbon of his woman’s favorite color. Like most acts of love, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Would she be happy with a bouquet of flowers in a simple vase? Of course, she would! But having that extra little touch of color is what makes a romantic gesture more personal and intimate. Guaranteed she loves him all the more for it.

3. Awwww <3


This guy is smooth! He could have stopped at “Sometimes I wake her up with breakfast in bed” but no, he had to keep going to make this little confession extra sweet. It’s like something out of a romantic movie! He knows what to say to get his woman to appreciate the small things in a whole new way, and guaranteed he uses his charms to make her feel like the most special woman on the planet! This woman is definitely spoiled by a man who not only knows how to talk the talk, but who also knows how to step it up in the kitchen! All he asks in return is the smile on her face. It makes us swoon just thinking about all the other romantic gestures he shares with her that he probably doesn’t even realize means the world to her! What a lucky girl!

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