17 Real Guys Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Spoil Their Ladies

11. Thoughtfulness Is The Best Gift


Little says “I love you” like going to events you don’t really care about so the person you adore can enjoy themselves. As with most couples, this girl probably wants to share her passions with the man of her dreams. She wants to indulge in both her man and her experiences at the same time, and who could blame her? Making memories with the one you love is just as important as sharing your passions. he may not agree that art is the most interesting topic out there, but he is willing to sacrifice his time for her and that just might be the most impressive story yet of a man willing to spoil his woman. He didn’t mention whether she spoils him in return but guaranteed she is willing to take a peek into his passions as thanks for him sharing in hers.

10. Lucky Girl!


Another man who spoils his girl with adventure! Making memories is one of the most influential things anyone can ever do for another person and this guy gets it! Not only is he ready and willing to take her out for a few days, but he’s also prepared to pack everything he thinks she’ll need for their two-day journeys! She likely comes home mentally exhausted after a long work week and all she wants to do is crawl into her comfiest pajamas and slip into bed, but instead, she’s met with her man, packed and ready to go! Does she get tired of these little trips? Of course, she doesn’t! Suddenly, the exhaustion melts away, and she’s filled with the spirit of adventure next to the man she loves! What wonders will they discover this time? Ah, such a lucky woman to be with a man like him!

9. A Reader’s Paradise


A book-lover’s dream man has finally arrived! While most swoon over Beast’s impressive gift of a library to Belle, the reality is no man is going to have a giant library hiding somewhere in his house. The real MVP is this man, who purchases books to secret away in the most obvious place to find a book. His girlfriend gets to replace a book in the case and discover entire new worlds just waiting to be explored! What better gift is there than this? It’s hard to top this level of affection! Books can be expensive so having him provide her with a never-ending supply is one of the best ways to be spoiled! Kudos to the book-lover’s boyfriend, who understands her need for enrichment and alone time, and who would rather help her than pull her away from the books she loves.

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