17 Real Guys Reveal Their Favorite Ways To Spoil Their Ladies

17. So Romantic


There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a nice hot bath, but tossing in a few fresh rose petals and lighting the area with candles makes for something altogether amazing! Few of us have ever had the luxury of coming home to such a setup, while this woman gets to enjoy it from time to time simply because her man wants her to be relaxed! To top it off, he makes her dessert! What woman doesn’t like dessert after a nice hot soak in fragrant waters? Of course it tops off her night! This guy knows what he’s doing and he’s good! Guaranteed his woman is surprised and ecstatic every time he guides her to the bathroom and opens the door to her own private oasis after a long day. Talk about spoiled!

16. True Love


It’s tough being separated from the people you love. You spend your entire life growing up with your family and when you’re ready to make a name for yourself, sometimes that means moving across the country, or to a whole other country altogether. This woman obviously loves and misses her family, so the best gift her man can think of is saving up in secret to pay for them to reunite with her loved ones every now and then. He understands that he can’t take the place of her family and that she needs to rejuvenate herself by spending time with them when it’s possible. Kudos to this guy, who is willing to spend time and money to ensure the love of his life can be happy.

15. Why Not, Indeed


Most men aren’t willing to talk about a lady’s special time, but this guy doesn’t seem perturbed at all! In fact, he acknowledges it with her favorite chocolates! He recognizes that she is likely uncomfortable, possibly in pain, and is therefore in need of his affections, so he does what any decent human being would do – he buys her favorite chocolates as a special little “I’m thinking of you” gift. He knows it’s just a small gesture, but he also knows that it means a lot to her, “so why not spoil her a little?” This kind of sweet act is what makes a couple stronger and what keeps them together longer, if not forever. The way two people are willing to treat each other says a lot about their hearts for one another and this guy is obviously caring, nurturing, and very much in love with his woman.

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