16 Women Reveal Exactly What Worked For Them To Get Over A Broken Heart

The immediate aftermath of a breakup is never pretty.

Going through a breakup is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and yet we all have had it happen at least once. There are feelings of loss and anger, sadness and maybe a little relief. Whatever was going wrong is now over and, even if it feels like you’re losing a limb, you’re free of whatever was weighing you down.

The immediate aftermath of a breakup is never pretty. There can be denial, a lot of sleeping on the couch, a lot of junk food consumed, and maybe a few too many Adele albums played on repeat. It feels like the end and that there is, ironically, no end to the end, but there is. There is always that light at the end of the tunnel.

A lot of people have their own ways of dealing with breakups and broken hearts, from hitting the club with your girls to jumping headfirst into the next best thing. However, rather than turn your heartbreak inward and risk doing something negative, these 16 women reveal what actually helped heal their broken heart, in a much more positive way. Whether you were together for years, living together, or just dating for a little while, we all feel things differently, so let these women who have been in your shoes show you how to get through it.

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