16 Silly Bad Habits That Can Hurt Your Relationship, According to Study

Are you subconsciously doing things that could hurt your relationship? See these 16 bad habits to know if you’re hurting your lover without realizing it.

All of us have a few bad habits that we don’t realize.

Sometimes, these habits could be silly or cute.

But at most other times, these subconscious bad habits could end up hurting you or distancing you from the one you love.

When you fall in love with someone, you can’t see their bad habits, at least not until you’re past the stage of infatuation.

And likewise, your partner won’t see the bad in you because they’re so smitten by you and your love for them.

But once the rose tinted veil of infatuation sweeps past your eyes, it’s only then that the nagging habits start to reveal themselves.

Bad habits that turn into relationship breakers

You can’t change who you are, can you?

And if you have a few bad habits that could play the part of a deal breaker in your romance, you may realize it only when it’s too late.

After all, it’s easier to deny that you have faults than to accept that you may be flawed, or that your behavior has a significant role to play in the drift between you and your lover.

Now not all bad habits could affect your relationship for the worse. But there are a few which your partner could overlook for a while, until those habits sow the seed that could split the ground in your perfect relationship and give way to other critical differences.

16 silly bad habits that can hurt your relationship

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