16 Signs Your ‘Almost’ Relationship Won’t Turn Into Something Serious

10. You ask your friends how to change this person’s mind.

You’re constantly feeling anxious about where this relationship is going. You frequently find yourself asking friends and family for advice on how to speed up the relationship and take it to the next level. They usually respond by telling you that if it was going to be serious, it already would be.

11. You freak out when you realize you’re catching feelings.

You’re catching feelings and you’re the only one whose doing the catching. It’s obvious this person doesn’t want to be serious, but your heart went and had a mind of it’s own. Take my advice and walk away before you start falling even harder. It’s not worth it if this person doesn’t see your worth.

12. You were just an “in the meantime” woman.

An “in the meantime” woman is someone you have sεχ with until someone better comes along. You’re not the one, but for all he knows, “the one” might not come along for another two years. So, he needs something to occupy himself with in the meantime.

13. Your novelty wore off.

The unknown can be an exciting prospect to many men. Women who aren’t emotionally serious tend to get very boring very quickly. After all, half the fun of dating is getting to know someone over time.

My advice? Hold some cards close to your chest. He doesn’t need to see the entire deck just yet. Men have natural hunter instincts, which means making yourself too emotionally available makes everything a little bit easy.

Half the fun of the kill is the hunt. In relationship terms, that means don’t put yourself on a plate.

14. There’s someone else.

If he’s not spending his time with you, there’s a chance he is spending it with someone else. No amount of Facebook stalking or Instagram scrolling for clues will help you here. If you haven’t made it to the “exclusivity” talk, then now might be the time to bring it up.

Don’t be angry or aggressive, and definitely don’t ask him over text. Every woman has the right to know if someone she is seeing is still dating other women. If he is, then maybe now might be the time to run.

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