16 Signs Your ‘Almost’ Relationship Won’t Turn Into Something Serious

5. Your friends don’t like him/her.

If your friends don’t like this person, you know something is off. Trust your friend’s insight look from the outside. If they tell you that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, believe them.

6. They have never met your family.

Haven’t met mom and dad yet? Haven’t met their mom and dad yet? This relationship probably isn’t getting more serious than having the label as a ‘casual fling’. If this person truly cared, they would want to get to know the people who raised you.

7. You don’t know a lot about them.

Red flag number one: When you don’t know much about this person. If they haven’t felt the need to share with you anything about their values, about who they are as a person, and about what their passions are, you should probably re download your Tinder sometime soon.

8. You get anxious when this person doesn’t text back.

Communication is already lacking with this person, but when you ask to hang out and they don’t reply for a week, you should start questioning the seriousness of this ‘relationship’.

9. You feel like you’re the only one trying to get to know them.

It’s one sided. You’re the only one trying and the only one making an actual effort. You do most of the talking and texting, and you do the work. They are less inclined to make an effort, because you put too much into it already.

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