16 Signs He Thinks Deep Down “It’s Time To Break Up” (And Isn’t Telling You)

One thing guys definitely think about before taking action is a break up. In fact, they probably spend way more time thinking about breaking up than they need to. There’s lots of reasons why guys worry about a break up before actually cutting their girl loose. They might be nervous about your reaction, scared to be alone or afraid to come off like a jerk. So instead of just being honest and cutting things off, they drop some subtle hints. He might be hoping you pick up on these hints and just remove yourself from his life. Is your guy displaying any of these signs? If so, you might need to start packing your bags. It looks like a break up is in your future.

He’s Flirting With Other Girls And Doesn’t Care If You Can See

If you’re in a monogomous relationship with someone, one of the obvious no-nos is flirting with other people. He’s not single – so he shouldn’t be doing that! But if your man is starting to act a little flirtier than normal out in public, you should be on alert. Is he winking at the bartender? Making eyes at the girl across the bar? Schmoozing with a work colleague during the Christmas party? Yeah, you should be worried. If his flirty behavior is crossing the line while you’re there, just imagine what he’s doing when you’re not there. A guy who is being flirty in front of his girlfriend is a guy who doesn’t care anymore. In fact, he might want you to call him out on it so you guys can get in a big fight and you can be the one who does the breaking up.

15. All You Get Is One Word Answers To All Of Your Questions

Most guys aren’t known for their conversational skills. In fact, the biggest issue in relationships is a lack of communication. But if your guy has completely clammed up lately, you need to take notice. Has he totally stopped having real conversations with you? Are you only getting one word answers to your questions and the bare minimum from him? Has he stopped asking you questions in return? Yeah, that might be because he’s stopped caring. He’s not putting in effort any more. He’s doing the least amount of work possible to be a functioning adult in a conversation. You deserve way better than that. If he’s trying to show you he doesn’t care anymore because he’s over the relationship, count that as a blessing in disguise and kick him to the curb.

14. You Can Do Anything And He Doesn’t Seem To Notice

A guy who has one foot out of the door is a guy who no longer cares about you. And if he doesn’t care, he isn’t paying attention. You might think your boyfriend has gotten really relaxed and laid back if he doesn’t seem to care at all when you cancel plans last minute, stay out late with the girls and decide to dance on the bar during happy hour. But be careful. Your guy might not be as easy going as you think. He might just be going. If he’s planning to break up with you, he’s not going to bother getting all upset about your less than stellar behavior. In fact, he probably didn’t even notice that you got home late or that you were missing a shoe.

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