16 Delicious Foods That Burn Belly Fat and Support Weight Loss

7. Almonds

Almonds are one of the best foods that help burn belly fat, especially for women.

High-quality protein, like the ones found in almonds, significantly reduces the risk of gaining belly fat and regaining lost belly weight.

In a recent study, a total of 108 overweight and obese women were assigned in our 3-month randomized controlled trial in either a balanced hypocaloric diet with or without almonds. The almond group consumed 50 g of almonds daily.

High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol), fasting blood sugar and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the almond group compared to the nut-free group.Additionally, the nut group improved their cardiovascular disease risk factors. The nut-free group, however, experienced an increase in systolic blood pressure and in bad cholesterol.

8. Walnuts

Getting enough magnesium lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, which are both associated with a larger waist.

Full of magnesium, walnuts make a great fat-busting snack. Long-term nut consumption also correlates with a lower weight gain and less risk of overweight/obesity.

They work by contributing to satiety and potentially improving long-term adherence to healthful diets.

Make a habit of grabbing a handful of almonds or walnuts as a healthy snack alternative over chips or candy bars.

9. Salmon

Salmon, like flax seeds and olive oil, is high in healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Omega-3 increases satiety and positively impacts your pineal gland, which affects the sleep hormone melatonin.

By improving your sleep quality, omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent your body from storing energy as fat.

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