15 Wonderful Places You Should Visit Before They Disappear

Outer Banks, OBX Islands

The new island situated in North Carolina has a 50 yard of radius and separates Shelly Island from Hatteras Island. It is filling in quickly with sand. Photos from NASA show that a mile long strip of land has formed on the island.

Madagascar’s forests

The deforestation in Madagascar is not only going to result in permanent destruction of the natural beauty of the island, but it is also a threat to the biodiversity. The French originally began the deforestation process and converted large swathes of land to coffee field.

US Glacier National park

The ever rising temperatures of the globe will eventually result in the loss of these beautiful glaciers within the span of a few decades. Scientists claim that only 26 of 150 remain on and these will only remain for about 25 years.

Venice, Italy

While this won’t happen at least until another hundred years, scientists do warn that Venice and a majority of Italy’s north Adriatic coastline will become enveloped by water. It could rise by as much as five feet.

Machu Picchu

Ever since the ruins of the Incan Empire were declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 1983, millions of people have attempted to visit them in Cuzco. These tourists are inevitably causing damage to the area by deforestation and urban development.

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