15 Weird Beauty Hacks That You Should Totally Try And They Seriously Work

9. Heating Up Your Eyeliner

Many girls will own three different kinds of eyeliner. This is useful for creating many different looks. For example, a liquid liner is better for a polished, professional look. A gel liner is good for a winged out look because you can be more precise with the amount you use. And a solid pencil liner is best for casual, everyday looks. But stocking up on different formulas can cost more money. What’s the solution? There’s no such thing as a three-in-one eyeliner, but if you have a solid pencil liner, you can actually use heat to get a gel liner effect! If you have a lighter, use it to (very carefully!) heat up your eyeliner pencil for a minute. When you go to use the eyeliner, you will notice that it has a different texture which mimics the effects of a gel liner. Perfect trick for saving a couple bucks!

8. Lipstick For Dark Circles

Lipstick should only be used on your lips, right? Um, wrong. Remember, it’s time to break the rules and think outside the box! If you struggle with dark circles that just won’t go away no matter how much sleep you get, you know how frustrating it is to try to cover them up on a daily basis. Sometimes, it feels like your under eye concealer just doesn’t cancel out the darker color underneath. The solution to this is color correction. You could buy another peachy toned concealer, but if you want to skip the trip to the drugstore, just pop open a tube of red lipstick! That’s right red lipstick can actually work as under eye concealer. The red, warm tones will cancel out the darkness of your under eye circles, and once you add a thin layer of concealer on top, you’ll look like you just slept for 24 hours!

7. Eyeshadow To Disguise Your Roots

Every girl who dyes her hair struggles with her roots. It’s so annoying when the rest of your hair looks perfect, but you notice that your roots are growing out and ruining your look. And of course, getting them properly touched up takes time and money. What if you’re in a pinch and you don’t have the spare time or cash to get them touched up at a salon? Well, this next tip certainly isn’t a permanent fix, but it could save your life if you’re desperate. Use an eye shadow that’s the same color as your dyed hair on your roots. Carefully take your brush and dip it in the shadow, and apply it to your roots. This will cover up your natural hair color for a few hours. It may not last very long because of the natural oils produced by your hair, but it will work as a last resort!

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