15 Weird Beauty Hacks That You Should Totally Try And They Seriously Work

12. Conditioner For Shaving Your Legs

You hop in the shower and notice that there’s a ton of stubble on your legs. You reach for your razor, and then grab your can of shaving gel, ready to lather up and go. But when you press the button, you realize that the can is totally empty. Whoops! What’s a girl to do in this situation? Some people might think the answer is to reach for the soap, but soap will dry out your skin and make you more likely to get nicks. Instead, grab your conditioner yes, the same one you use on your hair and just rub it on your legs. Then shave as usual! Conditioner can double as shaving cream in a pinch. This is because it is formulated to moisturize. It will help protect your skin from getting nicked because the texture will allow the razor to glide over your skin. Your legs will be silky and smooth!

11. Vaseline As Exfoliant

Everyone hates getting chapped lips. And this time of year, it’s all too common. You need to be drinking a ton of water and wearing chapstick on a daily basis in order to prevent it. And if your lips do get super chapped, it’s so annoying. All you can think about is how much they bother you! What if you’re already chugging water, and chapstick just isn’t working? Well, the answer to your problems is Vaseline. Yes, Vaseline is a miracle worker! Put a bit of Vaseline on a toothbrush, and scrub your lips with it. This will get rid of all of those annoying dry skin flakes that you’re tempted to bite. It will also add some moisture to your dehydrated lips! Your lips will finally be feeling soft and smooth again just add a little chapstick, and you’ll be good to go! Vaseline will save your lips this winter.

10. Strawberries To Whiten Teeth

Do you ever get frustrated because your teeth don’t look as white as you want them too? Do you smile without showing your teeth in pictures because you feel a little embarrassed by them? Well, getting them whitened professionally can cost a lot of money. And the whitening strips they sell at the drugstores kind of seem like a scam because many of them don’t work. But once again, the only whitener you need is actually in your kitchen! As usual, you can find the solution in your fridge! If your teeth are looking a little stained, all you need are strawberries. Cutting up strawberries and rubbing them on your teeth for a few minutes can actually have a brightening effect. Fruit isn’t just good to eat, it has lots of other great uses, too! If you’re broke but you want your teeth looking bright, don’t worry, just reach for that box of strawberries.

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