15 Weird Beauty Hacks That You Should Totally Try And They Seriously Work

15. Washing Your Hair With Beer

You probably wash your hair with shampoo I mean, what else would you wash your hair with? You’ve probably never even thought of an alternative. But there’s actually a different kind of shampoo that might be hiding out in your parent’s fridge right now! That’s right, you can actually use beer as a shampoo every once in a while. You might think that sounds crazy, but it’s true, beer can actually work wonders for your hair? So, why should you try using beer as shampoo? Well, it can help remove product build up. If you have ever noticed build up on your scalp, for example, those white, fluffy flecks that look kind of like dandruff, this could be the solution to your problems. Yes, it probably will smell pretty strange and you’ll definitely need to be careful about keeping it out of your eyes but give it a try some time soon, and you’ll notice that your hair looks great!

14. Lemon Juice For Highlights

Girls will spend a ton of money to get highlights done professionally. If this is something that you do fairly often, it can really eat up a lot of time and money. If you go to a very nice salon, it can really burn a hole in your wallet and who needs that? We all like looking good, but at what price? Well, if you’re strapped for cash, but you really want your hair to look bright and shiny with some fresh highlights, open your fridge and peek into the fruit drawer. Do you see any lemons in there? Grab a couple, and then reach for a juicer. Once you have your lemon juice ready to go, carefully paint it on to a few streaks in your hair, and lay out in the sun for a bit (okay, this won’t work in the winter). There you go totally natural, homemade highlights!

13. Olive Oil As Makeup Remover

Some makeup can be so difficult to get off. That bright red, matte lipstick that you wore out last weekend that seems to cling to your lips for twenty-four hours, no matter how hard you try to scrub it off. That thick black eyeliner you painted on for a smoky look that just sticks to your eyelids, even after you rub a makeup wipe over it a few times. Well, for a makeup remover that really works on stubborn makeup, look no further than your kitchen. All the best beauty products are found in the kitchen! Olive oil can work great for removing tough makeup. Just dab a little on a cotton pad, and gently rub the area where you need to remove the makeup. It will get the job done! No need to go to the drugstore and buy any more makeup remover just use a little olive oil!

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