15 Ways A Woman Can Know For Sure She’s In Love With A Good Man (And 5 That Mean Trouble)

When we first start dating someone, we’re wearing what we refer to as “rose-colored glasses,” which are the blinders we figuratively use to see the person we’re now with. Those first few months spent in a brand spanking new relationship are considered the honeymoon phase, so nothing your new significant other does is irksome or out-of-place. But as we start to really get to know the new person in our world, we start to see little quirks that begin to bug us, and if we’re really lucky, we’ll get over them because our love for this new guy is more overwhelming.

But how do we know they’re actually a good guy? We’d like to say we can tell right off the bat if someone is a decent human being in a relationship but our rose-colored glasses tend to prevent us from seeing them who they are. However, there are certain things that he does that will tell us, flat out, if he happens to be a good guy are not, and there are things he might do that scream “RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!”

Here are 15 ways you can tell if you’ve fallen for a good and decent man, and 5 massive red flags to look out for.

Here is A Good Man to Fall in Love:

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