15 Ways a Pathological Liar Hurts and Confuses You with their Lies

#11 They lie because it is a control thing. You don’t own them. They don’t owe you anything. Why should they have to tell you the truth? Lying is a very powerful and controlling thing. Having you believe something that isn’t true, is like saying you aren’t going to put a GPS on me. Fuck you.

#12 They never take responsibility. I am rubber you are glue, what bounces off of me sticks to you. If you are with a pathological liar, they will never, wait… did I say never, because I meant NEVER, take responsibility for anything. Their actions, their behaviors, their lies. They are either your fault or someone else’s. They have an uncanny way of making sure that nothing “sticks.”

#13 They destroy every relationship they are in. If you are with a pathological liar, what you will find out quickly is they don’t have many long-term friends or relationships. You can’t trust people who lie all the time.

And, although they might be good at what they do, when you get close to them, you eventually see their manipulation and ugliness. If you are in a relationship with someone without quality friendships and their past relationships all ended in disaster, think about what goes on in their life.

#14 They have no remorse. The pathological liar watches you cry and lose your ever loving mind, and it doesn’t affect them.

Someone who lies without remorse is just wrong in many ways. And, as much as you don’t want to hear this, they certainly don’t care about you.

#15 They take your security. In a relationship, you expect to love and be loved in return. They turn out to sit on a bed of lies and makes you question humanity and all the things you thought people were capable of.

When you love someone who blatantly lies to your face without feeling bad, it makes you question your judgement in all things. But, remember it isn’t you.

Pathological liars are people who can’t seem to tell the truth and don’t feel the least bit sorry when they lie. Usually, a symptom of some other personality defect lurking beneath, don’t let them make you question you.

Most importantly, don’t let them change the way that you see other people in your life. It is easy to develop trust issues when you love someone you can’t believe, but it is on them, not you.

If you think you can change the pathological liar, you only lie to yourself. To save yourself and your sanity, say goodbye and leave. Let their lies be someone else’s problem.

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