15 Ways a Pathological Liar Hurts and Confuses You with their Lies

#1 They lie about mundane things. Most of us lie either to get out of trouble or to stop from hurting someone’s feelings. The pathological liar lies about everything from what they had for lunch to when they worked in the morning.

Pathological liars are pathological in that it is an illness and disease they seemingly can’t control. The only thing is that they can and choose not to.

#2 They hide things from you. The pathological liar doesn’t want to get caught, so they hide everything from you. They lock their phone, keep passcodes on everything, and they keep you out of their personal business, so that you can’t check up on them.

The thing is that they are so damn good at confusing you, even if their fail-safe of hiding everything falls through, they have a great excuse to get out of whatever it is they lie about.

#3 They convince you that you are mistaken. They leave you completely upside down and backward. A pathological liar has a lot of experience and expertise in lying. So, if you do catch or question them, they learned to switch things up, project back onto you, and make you so upside down you forget what you even talked about to begin with.

When you are in a relationship with a pathological liar, you spend half of your life scratching your head wondering where things went wrong.

#4 You begin to question yourself when you are in a relationship with them. The pathological liar makes what is up down and what is down up. Always keeping you on guard, what you know to be true you suddenly question. It leaves you feeling constantly anxious and unreal in your own life.

There is no way to maintain a healthy relationship with someone dishonest with you. You never know what is real, including their love.

#5 There is nothing sacred enough that is off limits to lie about. For most people, there are some things that you lie about and are okay with *like answering, “Do I look fat in this?”* and others simply off limits.

For the person who goes through life telling mistruths, there is nothing that they won’t lie about. Including whether they love you, if they are seeing someone else, or if they emptied your bank account. Lacking any moral compass, they don’t feel remorse for lying. It is a means to your end.

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