15 Secret Questions He’s Asking Himself Before He Makes You His Girlfriend

3. “Is She Attractive Enough?”

Obviously if this guy is seeing you, he thinks you’re attractive. But when he’s sitting back on the couch and trying to decide if he wants to be exclusive with you, he’s going to be considering your looks. Yes, it’s superficial. But it happens. That’s just how the male brain works. He’s going to have a think back and really assess your physical attributes. When he closes his eyes maybe he’s remembering your smile, your soft hair or that tiny dimple you have when you laugh. And of course he’s thinking about how awesome you looked in your tight black jeans on your first date. This is one of those questions that should be easy for your guy to answer. If he’s not attracted to you physically, we doubt he’d have let it get this far.

2. “Am I Over Being Single?”

A lot changes when he goes from a single guy to a boyfriend. Is he ready for that? Giving up his bachelor status is a big thing your guy has to think about. A lot of guys really find their identity in being single. They lean into bachelorhood and would have a hard time giving it all up. Maybe the bros always hang out at his place. Or maybe it’s a running joke that he only wears sweatpants and flip flops when he goes out. That’s all going to change if he has a girlfriend. He won’t be the single guy anymore. Is he ready to give that up? Maybe he likes being the bachelor and doing things all by himself. Is he ready for someone else in his life?

1. “Do I Have To?”

For some guys, they’re not going to do anything until they absolutely have to. So he’s not going to ask you to be his girlfriend and put a label on your relationship unless he has to. Are you making him? Are you telling him it’s time to DTR? Is it girlfriend or you’re gone? Good for you! If you’re sick of waiting around, you should give him an ultimatum. Of course, if this is after the first date, you’re probably asking for too much. But if it’s time that you two figure out what’s happening, it’s totally fair for you to ask. If your guy isn’t sure he wants to be with you, hear him out. But also, be ready to cut him loose. You don’t want to be with a guy who isn’t sure about you, right?

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